Trading Of Garment/Textile Clothing


Regent Intertrade Limited is a knitwear supplier which is specialized in exporting knitting items, meanwhile we also supply the customized garments for domestic enterprises and public institutions. We are mainly dealing in variety of Polo-shirts, T-shirts and sweatshirts, etc. Our team is comprised of professional international trading experts. Thanks to them, we have been in this line for about 25 years. We offer our staff the possibility to learn from the most experienced exporting. It is hardly possible to find another company in our region, in which the majorities of top level managers began their careers in the primary and most important company’s part, a store or a subdivision. We ever did domestic business, later expanded to other countries becoming international. The company’s culture and values spread to all the countries where we operate. Our values define the company’s culture and sets out the vision for Regent Intertrade.

Regent Intertrade國際貿易有限公司是專業針織品出口的針織品供應商,同時為國內企業和公共機構提供定制服裝。 我們主要處理各種Polo衫,T恤衫,運動衫等。我們的團隊由專業的國際貿易專家組成。 感謝他們,我們一直在這條線上好幾年。 我們為員工提供從最有經驗的出口學習的可能性。 我們幾乎不可能在同業裡面找到另一家公司像我們這樣,我們的高階主管幾乎都是元老級的並在我們公司服務多年代表我們公司的價值。 我們曾做過國內業務,後來擴展到其他國家成為國際業務。 公司的文化和價值觀傳播到所有經營的國家。 我們的價值觀定義了公司的文化,並闡述了Regent Intertrade的願景。